Know Your Creators,Programmers,Graphic Designers,etc.

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Know Your Creators,Programmers,Graphic Designers,etc.

Post  The Overload on Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:52 pm

A relatively unknown modder who enjoys long walks on the beach, creating mods that people like, and a good challenge! He has created only two other mods, one of which is LAPI(Liquid API) which Tropicraft uses.

The source of all that is graphics, videos, and so much else for Tropicraft. Without MrRube, Tropicraft would be nowhere near the mod it is today!

Corosus, the guy that brought you a more challenging minecraft and the armies to fight against it, will be contributing his experience with storms and tornadoes/hurricanes into tropicraft, and much more!

Fishtaco567 joins the tropicraft team bringing his vast knowledge of land generation! Fish will be in charge of all land generation in the tropical realm, and also has a great height mod of his own!

Pablomittens and his always cheerful self brings a much-loved knowledge of Tile entities and GUIs, and is the main developer of the sifter! When he is not working on tropicraft, he is usually eating one of his snowcones from his snowcone mod!

When I first met fotoply, nobody had heard of me. I was completely undiscovered, and he was one of the few people who believed that I could make a popular mod. Now here we are! Fotoply and his bots always bring a fresh perspective to the IRC channel!
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